The ‘80s called, they want their PIMS back

rhapsody scheduling screen on laptop for veterinary tasks

Settling for what’s familiar? Big mistake. Huge!

Rhapsody’s got cat class and it’s got cat style.
Our unified platform replaces endless tabs, misplaced sticky notes, and add-on software.

Whether a single clinic or a practice group, efficient workflows are baked in and every effortless essential is accessible on one screen (yes, even integrations).

rhapsody software pushing a customer bill from a laptop to a POS checkout device

Ever wonder, where’s the money?

Rhapsody remembers everything. Every snip you take, every charge you make, we record it all.

We connect the dots for you, so whether ordering, charging, or SOAPing, it’s just a few quick clicks for total charge capture.

Everything is so easy and efficient; your bottom line will take you straight to the top.