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Rhapsody through your eyes

Feel the magic across your team. Whether you operate the front desk, work the floor, or run the office, rhapsody offers something for everyone.


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Veterinarians & techs

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Practice administrators

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Practice groups

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Go completely digital and unify your records

rhapsody reception digital questions screen

Digital questionnaires

rhapsody reception digital consent forms screen

Digital consent forms

rhapsody reception digital signatures screen

Digital signatures

Eliminate manual data entry and streamline your workflows

rhapsody reception online scheduling screen

Offer online scheduling

rhapsody reception check-in kiosk screen

Complete check-in with a portable Kiosk

Keep your team on track

rhapsody reception digital treatment whiteboard screen

Track care with the digital treatment whiteboard

rhapsody reception schedule calender screen

Flag what's running behind

rhapsody reception task management screen

Manage tasks with a centralized tasks dashboard

Process payments with a modern and mobile solution

rhapsody reception payment terminal screen

Accept payments with mobile terminals

rhapsody reception online payment screen

Send online payment forms to clients

Extensive catalog at your fingertips

rhapsody reception exam findings screen

7K+ exam findings

rhapsody veterinarians and techs differential diagnoses screen

23K+ differential diagnoses

rhapsody veterinarians and techs drugs and medicine screen

5K+ drugs

SOAP like never before

rhapsody veterinarians and techs schedule on tablet screen

SOAP from a tablet

rhapsody veterinarians and techs treatment screen

Set up care with digital treatment sheets

rhapsody veterinarians and techs diagnoses screen

Track diagnoses

Build client relationships with effective communication

rhapsody veterinarians and techs client communication screen

Email or text clients

rhapsody veterinarians and techs report card screen

Email report cards to clients

rhapsody veterinarians and techs lab results screen

Email lab results

Keep your team organized and efficient

rhapsody veterinarians and techs to do list screen

Assign on the fly

rhapsody veterinarians and techs treatment sheet screen

Build treatment sheets

rhapsody veterinarians and techs task management screen

Track to-do lists on the unified tasks dashboard

Stay flexible with a platform that’s accessible wherever you go

rhapsody veterinarians and techs cloud based software

Practice from anywhere on a cloud-based platform

rhapsody veterinarians and techs tablet scheduling and mobile signature screen

Practice on any device, including mobile and tablet

rhapsody veterinarians and techs telehealth screen

Offer telehealth

Take control of your practice

rhapsody admin permission set up screen

Set granular roles

rhapsody time tracking screen

Set team hours with built-in time tracking

rhapsody locked access admin screen

Lock access

Visualize performance with dynamic dashboards

rhapsody dashboards screen

Visualize data with built-in dashboards

rhapsody data visualization screen with bar charts

Explore rich visualizations

rhapsody data filters in reporting

Change your view with dynamic filters

Reduce overhead costs

rhapsody support tools on laptop and mobile screen

Get help with integrated support

rhapsody log in screens on mobile and tablet

Eliminate overhead costs

rhapsody mobile payment screen

Process payments online and through mobile

Implement flexible workflows for a changing world

rhapsody mobile check in screen

Offer online check-in to complete mobile or curbside

rhapsody schedule a telehealth screen

Schedule telehealth bookings

rhapsody contactless payment screen

Accept contactless payments

Enterprise-level from day one

Screenshot of Freddy Mercury support agent account

Manage all practices with centralized access

Screenshot of searching for a veterinary clinic within rhapsody

Provision new locations

rhapsody logo on tablet with encryption icon

Stay protected with end-to-end encryption

Data mapping & standardization

rhapsody price matcher screen

Clean up old codes

rhapsody catalog on tablet

Stay organized with standardized catalogs

Petabyte Analytics dashboard on laptop

Transform your data

True business intelligence across all practices

rhapsody reporting dashboard on laptop

View unified reporting

Account dashboard screen for rhapsody

Create with the Report Builder

Creating scheduled reports using rhapsody

Receive automated reports to your inbox

We’re your migration partner

rhapsody support forum screen and chat functionality

Partner with a team of veterinary professionals

rhapsody legacy PIMS migration

Follow a migration roadmap customized to your needs

Example of custom migration timeline

Choose incremental migration solutions to help practices adjust

Want more? As you wish

Explore the third-party integrations built into rhapsody and check out rhapsody's Marketplace for more add-ons.

Calling all vendors! As an extensible platform, with an open API, it’s easier than ever to add yourself to rhapsody’s Marketplace.

Add or suggest a Marketplace integration

Ready to go-go?

We won't leave you hanging on like a yo-yo. We work with practices switching from every kind of software with all sorts of data. So, from the first hello, we make your experience quick and painless.

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Learn it.


Meet your Migration Manager, Account Specialist, & Trainer.


Define your strategy and goals.


Get to know rhapsody and become an expert with Rhapsody University.

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Know it.


Practice using rhapsody with a sandbox account.


Complete training with your entire team.


Check in with the migration process to review data & confirm accuracy.

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Live it.


Together, we customize the platform to work for you.


We clean, convert, and import your data.


Go live (we're there every step of the way).

Get ready for fast times at rhapsody!

Holding out for a demo?

It's heeere! Join us for a tour of rhapsody. Ask us your questions and experience the platform live​.

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